Okay remember me mentioning the L|td Gallery’s Pop! 2 Show!? Well I’m reminding you now because the opening is tomorrow!

Meat and Potatoes:
• Thursday, November 8th 6–10pm
• On display through November 28th
• 307 E. Pike Street, Seattle
• Spider-Man

So yo. Anything and everything pop culture will be there and everything I’ve seen has been crazy amazing!

As you can see I opted to contribute my favourite wall-crawler and I’m kinda surprised this is my first formal illustration of him. So I did TWO!

Peter Parker and his two great loves. One appealing to his scientific side and the other to his sensational side. Why wouldn’t he unwind with his favourite record playing and just enjoy being him? Frig Spider-Man is cool.

Anyways, go to the show and tell me how great it is!


Prints are now available at the gallery online. Here & here!